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1) DO NOT include my tubes in any type of collection. You may not put them on your site for others to download or redistribute them in any way. Please do not claim them as your own. I've worked very hard on them.

2) You may recolor, resize, edit them for your own needs.

3) Any graphics you create with them are considered your own.

4) As I realize how difficult it is to link back for each tube you may use in a graphic, you do not have to link each one back to me. However, a link on your site would be much appreciated. If you'd like to link back to me, you can use the following logo:


5) Enjoy!


These thumbnails are 40% of the original unless otherwise noted.

Make-up/Cosmetics Tubes
Powder Nail Polish Eau de Cologne
Lipstick Black Lipstick Brown Lipstick Fuschia
Lipstick Pink Lipstick Red  

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